2 Oct 2020

NZ Rugby Players Association boss on Super Rugby 2021 saga

From Checkpoint, 5:25 pm on 2 October 2020

A player revolt is brewing over New Zealand Rugby's exclusion of a Pacific Islands team for next year's Super Rugby competition.

The 2021 edition will again comprise of five New Zealand teams, with NZR chairman Brent Impey saying none of the Pacific bids were viable for next year's contest.

That's despite Aayden Clarke of the Pacific Rugby Players Association believing the bids ticked all the boxes.

And the pacific players are not the only ones upset.

The country's rugby players are calling for a Pacific team to be added to Super Rugby next year.

New Zealand Rugby Players Association chief executive Rob Nichol told Checkpoint they have not agreed to NZR's plans and they want a professional team in the Pacific.

He talked through the issues with Lisa Owen.