21 Sep 2020

Auckland disability charity spent $670k of donations on consultants

From Checkpoint, 5:56 pm on 21 September 2020

The board of a struggling incorporated society, set up to help disabled people, spent $670,000 of public money and donations on consultants - including paying its own chairman close to $100,000 for writing reports.

Details of what the money was spent on have never been made public.

Laura Fergusson Trust told Checkpoint in January its closing their respite and rehabilitation facilities because its not financially sustainable to continue.

Its specialised gym and pool on its Auckland site has already closed and core services now cease to exist. Catherine Hutton reports.

Laura Fergusson Trust Auckland is completely different to Wellington and Canterbury Laura Fergusson Trust. The Auckland group's actions have nothing to do with Wellington and Canterbury LFT, Laura Fergusson Trust Wellington chief executive Robert McIntyre says.