30 Jul 2020

Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams give valedictory speeches in Parliament

From Checkpoint, 6:23 pm on 30 July 2020

Long-time National MPs Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams have given their valedictory speeches in Parliament.

Both were elected into Parliament 12 years ago and between them have held a plethora of Ministerial portfolios. Kaye announced her resignation soon after losing the deputy leader role following the shock resignation of Todd Muller.

Kaye spoke about her pride of being a blue-green politician. But she says her proudest achievement of becoming Education Minister, almost didn't happen.

Amy Adams re-instated her resignation following the change of leadership. But she acknowledged the elephant in the room. She also spoke about the toll Parliament can take.

Adams finished her speech with advice for those who follow her: be brave, stand up on the divisive issues and never loose sight of the difference you can make.