22 Jul 2020

Peters accuses ACT, Morton of superannuation details leak

From Checkpoint, 6:09 pm on 22 July 2020

In an explosive display in Parliament this afternoon, Winston Peters has named the people he believes are behind the leak of his superannuation details, describing it as a hit job inspired by the ACT party.

The New Zealand First leader and Deputy Prime Minister refused to repeat his accusations outside the debating chamber.

But inside the House - under the protection of Parliamentary privilege - he listed those he believed were responsible.

Mr Peters told the House that the former National Party press secretary Rachel Morton was the original source of the leak - having heard the ministers Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett discussing the case.

He told Parliament Ms Morton then told the ACT leader David Seymour who told the Taxpayer Union's founder Jordan Williams who told the pollster David Farrar and John Bishop - the father of National MP Chris Bishop.

The claims have been met with blanket denials from those named.

Rachel Morton tweeted: "The claims made by Winston Peters about me today are categorically not true."

David Farrar has described the allegations as "insane" and says he did not know a thing until the story was published back in 2017.

In a tweet, Jordan Williams said Mr Peters was delusional. And ACT's David Seymour told Parliament the claims were disgraceful, sleazy and categorically false.