6 Jul 2020

Teen killer still on the run after escaping Auckland youth justice facility

From Checkpoint, 5:43 pm on 6 July 2020

A teen killer remains on the run tonight after he and another young man escaped from a youth justice facility over the weekend.

Haami Hanara and Sean Ratu got out through a window at Korowai Manaaki in Auckland on Saturday, reportedly an hour before Oranga Tamariki staff noticed.

The pair may have also got a head start after further delays to contact police.

RNZ's Mackenzie Smith has the details.

  • Clarification: The Children’s Commissioner is not undertaking an inquiry into the escape at this stage.

Checkpoint has received a statement from the Youth Justice Service.

Deputy Chief Executive Allan Boreham says early indications are that the teens escaped from Korowai Manaaki around 8:10pm on Saturday night.

Initial enquiries indicate the teenagers broke out through a reinforced window, before escaping across a roof and through the staff car park.

Staff became aware of the escape at 9.30pm.

Allan Boreham says Oranga Tamariki is still investigating the timing and details but can confirm its staff searched the perimeter and called the Police when the teenagers could not be found.