18 Jun 2020

Breaking: Digby Webb already overseeing isolation facilities

From Checkpoint, 6:25 pm on 18 June 2020

In breaking news, it's been revealed the military official who was yesterday announced as the new head of our border controls has in fact been in charge of isolation facilities and repatriation for at least the past month.

The Prime Minister yesterday said she was bringing in the military to resolve current border botch-ups, but Checkpoint has had confirmation tonight that Air Commodore Digby Webb has already been in that role.

Checkpoint understands he was actually in charge of the unit when the decision was made to grant a compassionate exemption to two sisters who were released from managed isolation early before they were tested for Covid-19. But the Ministry of Health signs off on compassionate exemptions, not Air Commodore Webb.

The pair later tested positive and more than 300 people are now being contact-traced.