18 Jun 2020

Blame game heats up in Parliament over Covid-19 testing bungle

From Checkpoint, 5:07 pm on 18 June 2020

There have been promises to do better but no apology from the Prime Minister for the latest bungle at the border.

The blame game is heating up after the revelation two women were allowed to leave managed isolation early after one their parents died - and without taking the required test.

They later tested positive and politicians and officials are under pressure not only over the lapse, but also elements of the women's story that only came to light after being revealed in Parliament by the opposition.

On Tuesday the public was assured the women only had contact with one relative in Wellington, but by this morning there was an admission the women had got lost heading out of Auckland and had "fleeting contact" with a person who helped them.

The Prime Minister and her deputy Winston Peters are also at odds whether those responsible for allowing the two women to leave, should be tracked down.

RNZ political editor Jane Patterson has the story.