17 Jun 2020

Mystery pig runs free on Dunedin streets

From Checkpoint, 5:57 pm on 17 June 2020

A pig trotting around Dunedin sounds like a curly tail, but locals say they're telling no porkies - and they've got evidence to prove it.

And they say it's not the first time the pig has hogged the spotlight.

Latiesha Chettleburgh-Hall and her family live on a rural property around North East Valley, and say it all started with some unidentified poo and vandalised roses late last month. 

"None of us could figure out what animal it was from and we had quite a few security cameras around the house ... and we saw quite a big pig waddling up the driveway," Chettleburgh-Hall said.

It wasn't ham-handed - walking calmly past the sliding door into the house and around the corner before heading to the roses.

Chettleburgh-Hall said they certainly didn't expect to see a pig, and so far it's not reappeared.

"It was a major surprise."

And now the porker appears to be back.

On Monday, North East Valley resident Nikki Muir was walking her dog when she saw it.

"My dog alerted me to the pig by growling and barking. She doesn't normally growl... I saw the pig walking from Chingford Park along the road and it took off just after I realised what it was."

It's been hoofing around the valley, which does have forest and parks nearby, and has even been spotted within a couple of blocks of the world's steepest street.

"Anyone that I've talked to doesn't know if it's wild or if it is someone's pig. The way it's walking on ... video suggests that cars don't bother it, and so far it hasn't been seen during the day that I know of," Muir said.

Dunedin police haven't received any reports of a pig on the loose.

The Dunedin City Council said its animal control officers were on standby if it made another appearance, but were not actively looking for it.

With its lax view of cars and rose digging tendencies, residents say 'That'll do pig, that'll do".