24 Apr 2020

Air NZ confirms refunds available for its cancelled US flights - Consumer

From Checkpoint, 6:06 pm on 24 April 2020

Scores of Air New Zealand customers have expressed outrage as the airline refuses to offer refunds for flights cancelled by Covid-19 lockdown - instead offering travellers credit that cannot be currently used.  

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But on Friday Consumer NZ's Jessica Wilson confirmed to Checkpoint customers should be covered by US Department of Transportation regulations, and therefore, are eligible for refunds on US flights. 

"In this situation, consumers are covered by US flight rules. These rules mean that if you're booked on a flight to the US, you are entitled to a refund if your flight has been cancelled," she said. 

"That also applies to people who have booked through Air New Zealand.

"If you're only offered a credit by the airline, you can request a refund. Air New Zealand's public affairs department has acknowledged it will provide refunds to these customers," Wilson said. 

Air New Zealand has told Consumer NZ while customers are being offered credits for the US cancelled flights, they acknowledge refunds are permitted under US flight rules, and customers can opt for that.

"The basic rule is if your flight's been cancelled you can opt for a refund. Even if the flight has been rescheduled for point in the future [customers] don't have to accept that if they don't wish to travel at that time. They can opt for a refund," Wilson told Checkpoint