9 Apr 2020

Countdown's produce boss sees biggest day of his career

From Checkpoint, 6:25 pm on 9 April 2020

It is the biggest day of his career for Countdown's head of produce.

On Thursday Grant Robinson took receipt of his biggest ever pick of fresh fruit and vegetables - bananas by the millions, potatoes in quantities you've never seen, and a 'real estate' of avocados.

Checkpoint producer Bridge Burke spoke to Grant Robinson - the man in charge of keeping your carrots fresh.

"It's a massive day for produce. We've got 80 tonnes of bananas going through the DC [distribution centre].

"We've got over 87,000 heads of broccoli, we've got over 65,000 bags of potatoes going out the door and just over 90,000 avocados," Robinson said. 

He doesn't think there's enough bread in the country to provide toast for that many avocados. 

"I've been 36 years and it's the biggest day of my career and it's been spectacular to watch."

The fruit and vegetables are all carefully stored in refrigerated conditions at the distribution centre, he said. 

And for storing vegetables like carrots at home, Robinson had some advice. 

"If you want to keep your carrots fresh, you want to put them in a sealed plastic container. Once you put them in your fridge they'll keep for a week no problem at all." 

Right now the best deal for vegetables is broccoli, he said. "We've got oodles of broccoli, it's $1.50 a head and the quality is sensational."