9 Apr 2020

EQC ill-prepared to handle Canterbury repairs - Dame Silvia Cartwright

From Checkpoint, 6:15 pm on 9 April 2020

EQC was ill-prepared to deal with the wide spread damage of the Christchurch Earthquakes and as a consequence its reputation been left in tatters with many seeing the commission as uncaring, miserly and inefficient.

That is according to the findings of the inquiry into EQC and its handling of quake claims in Canterbury and Kaikōura.

Inquiry Chair Dame Silvia Cartwright lays out a raft of inadequacies including EQC not being equiped to handle a mass scale managed repair programme - leading to multiple mistakes, poor staffing decisions and inadequate quality control.

Damage assessments were the root of claimants disputes time and time again.

Dame Silvia Cartwright described to Checkpoint the way claimants have been treated by EQC.