25 Feb 2020

Hannah Tamaki condemns attack post but dismisses husband Brian's similar post

From Checkpoint, 6:09 pm on 25 February 2020

Police have confirmed they are looking into at least one complaint about a threatening and derogatory social media post made by Vision New Zealand's campaign manager Jevan Goulter.

Vision NZ leader Hannah Tamaki sacked Goulter on Tuesday over what she's described as a "disgusting" Facebook post but is refusing to condemn a similar online rant by her husband Bishop Brian Tamaki.

Goulter has apologised for the offensive comments about Mediaworks presenter Kanoa Lloyd. Hannah Tamaki claims she gave her PR man the boot on the spot.

But Tamaki's husband - Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki - posted a similar tirade on Facebook and Twitter, referring to "venomous, dirty liberal left, sexually confused antichrists" saying the media was full of them - with an accompanying photo of Lloyd, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and former PM Helen Clark.

Tamaki tells Lisa Owen she is not responsible for her husbands comments online as they are not related to Vision NZ.