13 Feb 2020

'We took the photos' - Peters acknowledges photos of journalists meeting with source

From Checkpoint, 5:10 pm on 13 February 2020

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has said he was involved in having a photograph taken of journalists Guyon Espiner of RNZ and Matt Shand of Stuff, and of the former New Zealand First President Lester Gray.

The photographs were then posted on a website which has been running stories defending New Zealand First and trying to belittle reporting about the New Zealand First Foundation donation scandal.

When the photographs were raised with him by Peter Williams of Magic Talk radio on Tuesday Mr Peters said: "We took the photographs."

Guyon Espiner talks to Lisa Owen about the recording.

Mr Peters said he was unavailable for an interview. He told Checkpoint he did not personally take the photos.

He refused to answer questions about his statement to Magic Talk.

Checkpoint has asked the Prime Minister's office for comment. They say it is a matter for NZ First.