12 Dec 2019

Surgical mesh injury victims to have ACC cases reviews

From Checkpoint, 6:22 pm on 12 December 2019

Men and women injured by surgical mesh implants - but denied ACC cover - are to have their cases reviewed in a major back down.

It's one of several recommendations in a report that heard from hundreds of people about the debilitating impact of mesh injuries.

Patients have fought for seven years to get recognition for the problems caused by mesh, which was often put in during operations like hernia repairs or uterine prolapse.

The report has come from a restorative justice process where surgeons, specialists and ministry of health representatives heard from injured patients, many of whom had been denied ACC cover.

Patricia Sullivan co-founded the patient advocacy group Mesh Down Under. She says it's great that those affected have been able to tell their stories - but that will mean nothing unless they get the help they need.

She told reporter Rowan Quinn some of the victims stories were horrific.