6 Dec 2019

Faafoi apologises for offer to help Kerrison's immigration case

From Checkpoint, 6:08 pm on 6 December 2019

Cabinet minister Kris Faafoi says he's said some dumb things - but did not do the wrong thing in his dealings with Jason Kerrison over an immigration case.

The lead singer of the band OPSHOP approached the Minister, who is a family friend, for help after his step-father's partnership visa request was declined.

The Minister's office has published the full correspondence between the minister and musician - it shows Mr Faafoi told Mr Kerrison he would help speed up the case - but that he wasn't able to put anything in writing.

On Friday he's apologised to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for his handling of the incident - and says he got a stern talking to - but won't lose his job.

Mr Faafoi says he didn't want to let down a friend - but should have been much clearer with him.

In a statement, Jacinda Ardern said she maintained confidence in Kris Faafoi, but she expected better from him.

But the Opposition says that's not good enough - and Kris Faafoi has to go.

RNZ deputy polictial editor Craig McCulloch spoke to National leader Simon Bridges about the saga.