29 Nov 2019

Lime scooters banned from Auckland, licence not renewed

From Checkpoint, 5:20 pm on 29 November 2019

The ride is over for Lime scooters in Auckland. Auckland Council announced on Friday that Lime has just one week to pull its e-scooters from the city's streets, after revealing they would not be getting another license to operate. It says other companies put forward better safety plans, but isn't ruling out having them back in the future. Lime's scooters rolled out just over a year ago - since then they've been linked to the death of one rider and two others have been seriously injured in recent months. While some Aucklanders were sad to hear Lime was on its way out, others say they want e-scooters gone all together. Checkpoint cameraman Nick Monro and reporter Nita Blake-Persen have this story.