7 Nov 2019

Coalition govt tries to appear united amid immigration rule change

From Checkpoint, 6:25 pm on 7 November 2019

There's still two very different views around the coalition cabinet table over partnership visas, but ministers are trying to appear united in the face of an angry backlash from Indian migrants.

The Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has back-flipped - insisting neither he nor his party gave any kind of directive about how immigration officials should apply the rules for partnership visas.

There's been a bust up between ministers over a change in approach from Immigration New Zealand, and whether there was any political pressure that led to that change.

Members of the Indian community says they're offended by the new regime, and by comments made by New Zealand First MP Shane Jones.

And while Mr Jones is sticking to his guns, other ministers have clearly decided to keep the hot air in cabinet and away from the public debate.

Here's our political editor, Jane Patterson.