4 Nov 2019

Drivers on learner, restricted licences given two-year reprieve

From Checkpoint, 6:13 pm on 4 November 2019

The government has given a reprieve to drivers with learners and restricted licences that are due to expire soon.

Under current rules, those with a provisional drivers or motorcycle licences have a five-year time limit to move on to the next stage - otherwise they'd need to pass another theory test to renew their licence.

In an announcement on Monday, over 144,000 drivers are to get a two-year extension.

Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter says the current rate of learner and restricted drivers progressing to the next licence stage is far too low.

Ms Genter says the short-term extension avoids the risk of drivers becoming unlicenced and driving outside of the law.

She says in the meantime the government needs to make sure the same situation doesn't happen again in two years time.

The Transport Agency will also launch a new campaign to help drivers understand the changes and encourage them to progress to the next licence stage.