24 Oct 2019

SkyCity fire could not have been contained quicker - commander

From Checkpoint, 6:20 pm on 24 October 2019

The massive fire burning at SkyCity's Cconvention Centre has dampened down but fire crews are still battling flames and flare-ups.

While the fire is still active, firefighters say they're now in a recovery phase - and are continuing to pour millions of litres of waters onto the site from cranes hovering above.

Much of that water has ended up in the centre's basement, where dozens of SkyCity employee cars are trapped - and now flooded.

While smoke in the city centre is clearing, the streets around the fire site remain in lockdown - with much of the city still deserted as people heed warnings to keep away while the fire was brought under control.

RNZ reporter Nita Blake-Persen is at the scene of the fire with the details.