10 Oct 2019

'I disappeared from Sonoda, nobody noticed' - former student

From Checkpoint, 5:55 pm on 10 October 2019

"I disappeared from Sonoda and nobody noticed," says RNZ In Depth journalist Max Towle in his piece on his experience at the Hall of Residence.

Canterbury University has launched an independent inquiry after the body of first year e-commerce student Mason Pendrous lay undiscovered in his room for weeks at the same hall of residence in Christchurch.

Another student raised the alarm after climbing over the roof of the apartment block to try and look in his room.

As revealed on Checkpoint, Sonoda, run by Campus Living Villages, is not offering accommodation for first year students next year. A joint decision it says was made with Canterbury University.

In 2013 Max Towle moved into Sonoda. He later moved out but kept paying the bills and apparently his departure went unnoticed.

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