10 Sep 2019

Ardern urged by Labour members to act on assault complaints

From Checkpoint, 6:08 pm on 10 September 2019

The political pressure over the Labour Party sexual assault allegations shows no sign of abating, with the party president poised to resign if he's found to have mishandled the complaints.

Adding to the chorus of criticisms is a man who says he was assaulted by the Labour staffer at the centre of the controversy.

He's told RNZ it was clear the party didn't know what it was doing when it was investigating the complaints and the process has been retraumatising for the victims.

Labour president Nigel Haworth is under intense scrutiny over the party's handling of the claims, with the Prime Minister refusing to express full confidence in him.

A 19-year-old volunteer claims she was sexually assaulted by the Labour staffer last year, that she raised it with Labour's ruling council during an internal investigation, but no disciplinary action was taken.

RNZ political editor Jane Patterson has the story.

In Parliament today, Mr Haworth spoke to media. See the video below.