3 Sep 2019

Slow-moving monster storm Dorian smashes Bahamas

From Checkpoint, 5:46 pm on 3 September 2019

A slow-moving monster storm has unleashed its destructive powers on the Bahamas, leaving several dead and thousands without homes.

Catergory 4 Hurricane Dorian caused widespread devastation as it marched through the Carribean.

For now its stuck in neutral, hovering in one spot, dumping heavy rain and causing massive storm tides and flash floods.

One resident in Nassau - Letrae Rahming - says people are crying out for help and hospitals and emergency shelters have been rendered useless.

He says the clean up is too big a job for their government and they need help urgently.

Telephone communications have been cut in the area. But Lisa Owen manages to speak with Mr Rahming via Skype.