26 Aug 2019

Veteran actor Ray Henwood remembered by Sir Roger Hall

From Checkpoint, 6:23 pm on 26 August 2019

The death of veteran actor Ray Henwood at age 82 is almost the end of an era, according to playwright and old friend Sir Roger Hall.

The welsh-born actor appeared in many of Sir Rogers plays including "glide time" that later morphed into the TV series 'Gliding on'.

The actor with the "beautiful voice" and "wonderful stage presence" had a long and varied career. He played Winston Churchill, featured in Shortland Street and was forever known as the Moro Man after starring in a 1969 commercial for chocolate bar.

Henwood actually graduated in chemistry at Swansea University and moved to NZ at 25 - he worked as a teacher and forensic toxicologist before becoming a professional actor.

Lisa Owen asks Sir Roger what made made Ray Henwood so good.

Ray is survived by his wife and their two children, which includes comedian Dai Henwood.