15 Jul 2019

Colossal cactus sparks interest from buyers all over the world

From Checkpoint, 6:22 pm on 15 July 2019

A cactus of epic proportions has pricked the interest of buyers from all over the world.

Christchurch business owner Jonny Small is the custodian of what was a 3m high San Pedro Cactus, after the owners - whose property it was planted on 30 years ago - decided to sell up.

They also gave Jonny the green light to sell the cactus - with pieces ranging from $15 to hundreds of dollars.

Those cactus chunks are now stacked up waiting for buyers.

But a post on a Christchurch Facebook Group offering the plant for sale has sprouted into a viral sensation.

Checkpoint reporter Logan Church and videographer Simon Rogers went out to meet Jonny and what remains of the cactus at an undisclosed location in Christchurch.

Watch their video report: