23 May 2019

'A voice for the silent majority'

From Checkpoint, 5:08 pm on 23 May 2019

Hannah Tamaki is the leader of a new political party called Coalition New Zealand.

She aims to get into Parliament in next year's election.

Mrs Tamaki and her husband, Brian Tamaki - who together are leaders of Destiny Church - launched the party today.

She consulted extensively before making the decision to enter politics and she believed there was a silent majority who would support the party, she said.

Mrs Tamaki described herself as a concerned New Zealander and the time had come to make a stand

The party was not a Christian party but would offer strong family values, and do more to deliver for Māori.

She also welcomed National MP, Alfred Ngaro.

He appeared to be "a reasonable man looking for somewhere to call home," she said.

Earlier this week, Mr Ngaro confirmed he was considering setting up a Christian party, similarly contending that mainstream political parties in New Zealand failed to engender Christian values in policies.