27 Mar 2019

Man injured by Lime scooter fault offered free rides

From Checkpoint, 5:55 pm on 27 March 2019

An Auckland man who broke his jaw after the Lime scooter he was riding randomly braked says the company's offered him three free rides as compensation for his injuries.

Liam Thompson's jaw was broken when he was flung over the handlebars of a scooter when it braked.

Liam Thompson's jaw was broken when he was flung over the handlebars of a scooter when it braked. Photo: Supplied

Liam Thompson was riding a Lime home from the supermarket after picking up food for his son's first birthday nearly six weeks ago, when the scooter he was riding jammed up.

He estimates he was flung up to 10 metres, breaking his jaw and causing scrapes and bruises on his wrists and abdomen.

Mr Thompson has since had two surgeries and has been on a liquid diet for the past six weeks, he estimates he has lost around 10 kilograms.

He managed to make contact with Lime several days after the incident - he said they offered him an apology and three free rides on their e-scooters, but no refund of the $5.50 ride he injured himself on, and no compensation.

Mr Thompson said the company had promised him it was taking steps to make sure no one else was injured on the e-scooters, but that they wouldn't accept any liability for his injuries.

Last month Lime's e-scooters were suspended in Auckland and Dunedin after a braking glitch emerged with 30 people injured as a result, from around 150 incidents.

Earlier this month they returned to Auckland streets after the council announced it and a third party consultant had inspected information from Lime showing the bug had been fixed, and Lime had checked the fleet.

Another provider, Wave, has also begun operating in Auckland on a trial basis with a fleet of 500 scooters.

Lime scooters back in Auckland this morning.

Lime scooter were temporarily suspended from Auckland streets because of the fault. Photo: RNZ /SUPPLIED