Minimalist living: Life inside a container home

From Checkpoint, 5:13 pm on 30 January 2019

As all of New Zealand's main centres become unaffordable, some New Zealanders are turning to alternative options to own their own slice of the 'Kiwi dream'.

Last week a housing survey found New Zealand's eight main centres are unaffordable - six times the median household income.

Wellington has been declared the most expensive city for renters and KiwiBuild isn't meeting it's targets.

However, some New Zealanders are thinking outside the box, or actually into the box with new innovative designs.

Brenda Kelly has built her home out of old shipping containers for a fraction of the price of a regular house.

The cost of a 40 foot one bedroom shipping container with a kitchen and bathroom costs just over $100,000 while a 20 foot add on costs around $40,000.