3 Sep 2018

Teenager takes out top award at NZ fashion week

From Checkpoint, 6:27 pm on 3 September 2018

Natasha Senior, 14, has taken out the top prize at the YMCA Walk The Line catwalk over the weekend, taking away a $2000 scholarship to pursue a career in fashion.

Natasha is in Year 10 at Burnside High School, but she is already making waves in the New Zealand fashion scene.

Inspired by the Pacific, Natasha wanted her garment, consisting of a silver top with home-made flowers and pants made out of wetsuit material, to reflect more than just fabric and thread.

"I had the Frangipani flowers, I had the swimsuit material, I had the linen organza which kind of looks like the sea when you reflect it in the light," she said.

Natasha's garment took half a year to conceptualise, design, and piece together.

She said she had high dreams.

"I really hope to have my own company in the future and sell my clothes to people and make sure they express themselves," she said.

"I want something that is just new and fresh."

But no fashionista would be where they are today with out a support crew - in Natasha's case it was her parents.

Mum, Arina, said she could not be more proud.

"Yes, but I don't want the star disease for my child ... I don't want her to think this is all about her, but really it is a part of her education," she said.

Arina said all parents should encourage their kids to look at fashion design as a way to learn skills that would prove invaluable later on in life.