23 Aug 2018

Grass vs grain-fed beef - can we tell the difference?

From Checkpoint, 6:16 pm on 23 August 2018

After stories this week about NZ's biggest feedlot, one wonders: can people taste the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef? Chef Simon Gault helps conduct a blind taste test.

Alongside the feedback in response to this week's stories, many have also been saying there's no reason for cattle to be fed grain in New Zealand, when we have so much grass.

Read more about NZ's biggest feedlot:

ANZCO, which owns the Five Star Beef feedlot, says there is a niche market of people who do want grain-finished beef for taste reasons.

So that got us thinking.. can people actually tell the difference between grain fed and grass fed steak?

Reporter Zac Fleming and cameraman Nick Monro went to find out at Giraffe, a restaurant at Auckland's Viaduct owned by chef Simon Gault.

He acted as our scientific control, cooking two scotch fillet steaks identically: one was 100 percent grass fed, the other was grain finished.