11 Jul 2018

Joseph Parker misses daughter's birth while training for next big fight

From Checkpoint, 5:54 pm on 11 July 2018

Thanks to having "a very supportive partner", boxer Joseph Parker has been able to miss the birth of his latest child in preparation for his bout in three weeks.

Speaking to John Campbell on RNZ's Checkpoint, Parker said he was looking forward to meeting his daughter, Shiloh Jasmine Parker.

"I've missed both births and luckily I have a very supportive partner. She knows I'm doing this for family and for the future.

"I'm excited to get business done, get back and be a family again."

He has to go through British-Jamaican Dillian Whyte on 29 July first. He and Mr Parker have almost an identical record, both having lost only one professional fight. And it was to the same person: Anthony Joshua.

So, Mr Parker has been in Las Vegas preparing for the upcoming fight, which he said was going to be "exciting".

"This is going to be a tremendous fight. He's hungry to be world champion, I want to be champion again. We're both young, we're both fit, strong.

"I'm going into this fight with a different mentality. I'm not going to move a lot like the last fight. I'm going to throw a lot of punches in bunches and I'm going to make it exciting because this fight can change a lot of things."

He had learned a lot since his last fight.

"The biggest learning for myself was that I left the ring knowing I could have done more."

That would never happen again. 

He was not fussed about Mr Whyte trash talking him leading up to the fight.

"Some fighters like to talk it up and they actually get confidence talking themselves up leading up to a fight. So if that's the way he approaches it then good on him. 

"But I know that when it does go down I'm going to put a lot of hurt on him."

Mr Parker said he took his position as role model in the Pacificka community very seriously. 

"There are a lot of people who want to be role models but they're not in a position to be role models. I'm blessed to be in that position."

That's why Team Parker was fundraising to get sports equipment and scholarships to his native Samoa.

"We're starting out very small but we want to get really big," he said.