2 Jul 2018

Teens invited to sing at Silver Ferns game after video goes viral

From Checkpoint, 5:52 pm on 2 July 2018

The Porirua teenagers who became internet sensations after a video of them singing the New Zealand national anthem went viral have been invited to sing at a Silver Ferns game. 

Porirua College students Tiresa Foma'i, Rosetta Lopa and Anastasia Sirila posted a video of them singing the anthem last Monday, following the strong criticism American singer Crystal Collins received for her tuneless rendition at a Kiwis game. 

It has since been viewed almost 900,000 times and shared 14,500 times.

Watch the full story in the video above. 

A petition has also been launched to have the teens, who formed the group Le ART (based on the initials of their first names) while in intermediate school, perform at an All Blacks game. 

The trio told Checkpoint with John Campbell they have been invited by the Silver Ferns to perform at one of their games against Australia in Wellington in October. 

The young women said they had been shocked - and delighted - by the response to their video.

"It's been crazy. It's been such a surreal week. We've always wanted this for each other and for it to finally happen, we don't know how to act," Rosetta said. 

Their former intermediate teacher Jonny Viliamu, who is now their manager, chef and taxi driver, was the driving force behind their group "and one of the main reasons why we're still together today".

The teens, aged 16 and 17, practice six days a week, at least two hours each day and dream of sharing their own songs - from pop to hip hop and R&B - with the world. 

"We're just so happy New Zealand is listening," Rosetta said.

"This is what we've been waiting for."