23 Apr 2018

Avocado thief flees crime scene on mobility scooter

From Checkpoint, 5:53 pm on 23 April 2018

An Auckland couple has fallen victim to their second avocado heist in six months.

Bret Glazer and his partner live in a home that borders a reserve and in November last year thieves stole 200 avocados from their tree.

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File photo. Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles

Last week, thieves struck again but this time one of them was on a mobility scooter armed with a 12 foot pole.

Mr Glazer told Checkpoint his partner caught the thieves in the act in broad daylight.

"She was just actually out for a walk, a morning walk, and noticed a couple of gentlemen hanging around the avocado tree with a very long pole."

She pointed out that the tree was on their property.

"She took [the pole] off them and rang the police and sort of followed them as they raced on their mobility scooter out of the area."

The men were "older chaps" and he had seen them around the neighbourhood before - he guessed they were in their 60s.

The couple had installed security cameras on the property as a deterrent after losing 200 avocados last year. 

He said the police response had been "fantastic" and they had taken finger prints off the pole.

"I take my hat off to them. It's hardly the crime of the century. But look they did come over and give us a victim support pack, which is pretty cool."