28 Mar 2018

Blind alpaca's stolen brother makes global headlines

From Checkpoint, 5:53 pm on 28 March 2018

Bambi the blind alpaca has been left bereft after his brother Charisma was stolen from a property at Dairy Flat, in north Auckland, in the dead of night just over two weeks ago.

Bambi relied on Charisma to navigate his way around the paddock and without his brother is unable to move around.

His plight has made global headlines after the police posted a video of him on Facebook.

The alpacas' owner Jan Lummis just wanted Charisma back, saying Bambi's life depends on it.

"Charisma has always been very good with him. They're normally always together and if [Charisma] moves off, Bambi usually gets up and follows him because he can smell him obviously as he walks around."

There had been a few possible sightings of Charisma, she said, including in Levin.

"A lady saw an alpaca in a truck...the trailer was from Auckland...She did get the registration number. So I believe the police are following up on that now to see whether or not that was Charisma."

She had a message for the thief.

"If they are listening to this and they're feel guilty about it and they have a conscience and if he's not in the freezer already, please bring him back.

"And if necessary just put him straight back into the paddock where he was taken from and nobody will know anything - apart from the fact that you have brought him back and you can now sleep [at night]."