6 Mar 2018

Missing dog found five weeks after crash

From Checkpoint, 5:55 pm on 6 March 2018

Meg, a black Labrador-huntaway cross, disappeared after a crash in which the car she was travelling in rolled on 31 January in Purakaunui.

At least 40 volunteers had searched for her since, without finding a trace.

Meg was found yesterday by a farmer less than a kilometre from the crash site.

The dog had lost half her body weight, and has a dislocated or broken right leg and a dislocated or broken left foot.

Meg's owners, Andy and Alison Cunningham, said they had just given up hope of finding her, and were talking that day about how they would need to take down all the posters promising a reward for sightings.

In another twist, Meg is being treated at the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital, which was started two months ago by a trust led by Mr Cunningham.

Ms Cunningham also volunteers at the hospital normally for injured wild birds.