28 Feb 2018

Swan song for iconic Kings Arms pub

From Checkpoint, 6:19 pm on 28 February 2018

The King's Arms Tavern was built in the late 1800s and has been hosting the who's who of New Zealand music since the mid 90s.

What's potentially the most iconic music venue Auckland's ever had is closing its doors for good.

It also hosted a few big acts before they became big - the White Stripes and the Black Keys to name just two.

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But the site's long-time owner sold it for more than $7 million in December 2016 - it's on premium land - and construction will soon begin on more than 100 apartments in its place.

Checkpoint with John Campbell reporter Zac Fleming went down to talk to some of the Kings Arms last patrons.

For Phil Armstrong and Renée Jones, it holds a special place in their love story.

They got married at the tavern 10 years ago and decided to renew their vows.

Phil Armstrong and Renée Jones.

Phil Armstrong and Renée Jones. Photo: RNZ / Jessie Chiang

"We wanted to celebrate our tenth anniversary anyway especially because we knew the King's Arms was closing, but we didn't know what to do and then we thought renewing our vows on the last day would be the perfect thing," Renée Jones said.

"It's just beautiful to have a lot of our friends who were at the first wedding here again."