7 Feb 2018

Arrest made at new Housing NZ complex

From Checkpoint, 5:20 pm on 7 February 2018

Christchurch central MP Duncan Webb told Checkpoint with John Campbell he would hold a meeting for residents of the Phillipstown complex which is attracting bad publicity.

It follows complaints of violence, abusive language, burglaries and excrement being smeared on a neighbour's car.

Mr Webb said only one of the units was causing problems, and someone from that address had been arrested.

Housing New Zealand was managing the situation, he said.

"Housing New Zealand provides social housing, provides housing to people who are most in need and these are people with addiction problems sometimes, and mental health problems and so on.

"They are the most difficult tenants. We don't need to evict people and just throw them out on the streets because that's just putting the problem elsewhere."