9 Nov 2017

Nosh reborn as Grocer's Market, but under the same premise

From Checkpoint, 5:37 pm on 9 November 2017

The Nosh gourmet grocery brand will be reborn in Auckland tomorrow with the re-opening of one of its stores.

It has a new name, 'Grocer's Market' and a new owner and business model.

But there is a similarity between Nosh, and the new venture.

As Nosh was struggling to stay afloat, owner Jonathan Denize convinced staff to keep working without pay by saying he would sell his house if he had to.

The business went under and more than 100 staff from six stores are still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Grocer's Market owner Aaron Drever bought Nosh's former Mount Eden store a month after it went into receivership in July.

Nosh reborn as Grocer's Market, but under the same premise

Aaron Drever Photo: RNZ / YouTube

The former real estate agent was stripped of his licence last year after racking up nine disciplinary findings.

Now he has convinced workers and suppliers, collectively owed more than a million dollars, to get back on board with the same promise.

"I personally guaranteed all the supply agreements, that I will personally honour them," Mr Drever said.

"[If] that means selling the house to make that work that won't be a problem.

Mr Drever's new workforce includes a third of Nosh Mount Eden's former staff.

Store Manager Adreas Latorre previously worked as deli manager at Nosh, his wife worked there too, and they are owed more than $6000 by Mr Denize.

He said he trusted the decisions of other former Nosh staff who have come back to work at Grocer's Market, and trusts Mr Drever too.

"Everyone deserves a second chance," Mr Drever said.

"We are confident we can have an opportunity to rebuild my commercial reputation.

"I can't fail at this, because if I fail at this than I will completely be destroyed. That will be two careers that I have mucked up."

Grocer's Market opens tomorrow.