18 Jul 2017

Dunedin MP camps out in Octagon to highlight homelessness

From Checkpoint, 5:23 pm on 18 July 2017

An MP who is camping in the centre of Dunedin until two single mothers get a state house says they have run out of options.

Clare Curran started her protest in the Octagon on Sunday night, saying she will stay for as long as she has to.

Documents obtained by Checkpoint show landlords have taken the two women to the tenancy tribunal six times for not paying rent and damaging property.

The Social Development Ministry said it had not given up on the women, and that they had a high priority rating, but were difficult to house.

Ms Curran said the two women were forced into emergency accommodation because they have spent time in women's refuges.

She said state housing was housing of last resort, and the women needed houses, no matter what their pasts.