23 Mar 2017

Man behind shocking drug video has 'no regrets'

From Checkpoint, 5:40 pm on 23 March 2017

An Auckland man who posted a video on Facebook showing his sister on drugs says he hopes it will dissuade other young people from making bad decisions.

The man, Tuakeu, filmed his sister and her partner in his parents' garage on Tuesday morning.

It was the first time in a while he had seen her, and he was shocked to find her unable to talk, groaning and vomiting.

Tuakeu said he believed the drugs were synthetic.

He had received a lot of support since posting the video but some people wanted him to take it down, he said.

"I put it up just to try and show people what it was, what drugs do to you and what you look like, and just try and put an image in our youth's minds," he said.

"If they get offered to do drugs, they can think of that image, and they don't do it."

He said his sister would be trying to get rehabilitation to stop doing drugs.

The video has been viewed almost two million times.