10 Jun 2016

Best of the Week - 10 June

From Best Of The Week, 12:00 pm on 10 June 2016

This week...Media theorist, professor, from Queens Birthday graphic novelist Douglas Rushkoff on how the digital economy failed to live up to its promise and how we could still fix it, an economics scholar weighs in on the housing crisis on Nights, Sunday morning tackles the pros and cons of tobacco taxes, Insight looks at the future of work, a new chapter has been added to the story of the 2003 discovery in Indonesia of the diminutive hominin species Homo floresiensis, Nine to Noon looks at how to sort your digital footprint before you die, Mediawatch asks the question - are the media too much in love with themselves? a startling discovery of how bumble bees can navigate, an insight into hospice care from Te Ahi Kaa, Kim Hill talks sexuality and prostitution with the retiring co-ordinator for the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective in Christchurch, Ladyhawke Sees The Light on Music 101, and a Pianist and Vegetable Guru on Country Life.

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