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Short and Sweet Festival Ninjas with Producer Square LeeLibrarian by day, nhinja super star by night …! Ever dreamed of becoming a ninja? We are urgently seeking ninja warriors for The Adventures of Kazu and Kengo.

You must be willing to indulge in some or all of the following: singing, dancing, jumping up-and-down for no apparent reason whatsoever, acting (weird) devising, wrestling, improv-ing, ninjitsu-ing and generally saving the world…!

Contact producer Square Lee (Ninja Recruitment Services) from the Oryza Foundation for Asian Performing Arts and dare to follow your dreams!

Lynda meets these stealthy super heroes at the Short and Sweet Festival in Auckland to find out if she’s got what it takes to become a ninja.

Pictured: from left - Kevin Ng, Hiroshi Nakatsuji, Square Lee, Kengo Hosaka and Kazuhide Okuda.