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Remember the Hero Festival that used to take place in Auckland some years back? This year the Big Gay Out and the Pride Parade are events celebrating the gay community in New Zealand, kicking off this weekend on Sunday 10th February. In spite of social stigma more Asians are coming out about being gay these days.

Lynda travels throughout Auckland regions to chat to members of our “gaysian” community - that’s the friendly nickname that gay Asian New Zealanders here have given themselves. Voices from the “M and M’s” (that’s minority within minorities) include; 'cool punk-monk' Malaysian Chinese Wai Ho who speaks about being transgender male; young and out Asians at the Rainbow Youth support centre on Karangahape Road; Filipino New Zealander Denise O and her queerlesque performances (that’s burlesque with a gay accent); and finally, Nikki and Natalie, lesbian mums on Waiheke Island bringing up their child in a little slice of paradise.