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Arts on Sunday for 15 March 2009

12:40 24 hour art project

We cross live to Sumner Beach in Christchurch, to find out about a car that Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn has customised for his 24 hour art project.

Thomas Hirschhorn and his 24 hour art project

Thomas Hirschhorn. Photo courtesy the artist.

Trevor Schmidt12:50 Trevor Schmidt

Canadian playwright and theatre director, Trevor Schmidt, who's a champion of controversial work, including New Zealand plays he'd produced for this theatre.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

1:30 Bill Gosden

Film Festival director Bill Gosden, ahead of the World Cinema Showcase.

1:40 Alexa Wilson

Dancer takes a global perspective with her new provocative new work, Toxic White Elephant Shock.

Toxic White Elephant Shock

Gianni Schicchi From Southern Opera1:55 Southern Opera's production of Puccini's Gianni Schicchi

Elizabeth O'Connor reviews the latest production by Southern Opera, Puccinni's Gianni Schicchi.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Visiting Irish comedian, actor and film-maker, Owen O'Neill (below).

Irish comedian, actor and film-maker, Owen O’Neill

2:25 Jeffry Feegar

Papua New Guinea artist Jeffrey Feegar on trying to make a living with contemporary art when tourists tend to want to buy something traditional.

Jeffry Feeger - Mama Helen, 2006Jeffry Feeger - Transition, 2008


Charles BraschLeft: Transition, by Jeffrey Feegar, 2008
Right: Mama Helen, by Jeffrey Feegar, 2006
Images courtesy of the artist.

2:35 Chapter and Verse

Lucy Orbell looks back at the literary legacy of Landfall founder, Charles Brasch.

Pictured right: Charles Brasch who's being celebrated at the Dunedin Heritage Festival beginning on the 21st of March.

2:45 Kirsten Haydon

Artist who turns her impressions of the vastness of Antarctica into jewellery.

Kirsten Haydon - Ice work

2:50 Eroica Trio

Andrew Buchanan-Smart reviews the Eroica Trio as it starts its New Zealand tour.

3:00 The Sunday Drama

Live Transmission: Only Sukkie Bubbas Use Laser Guns, written and performed by Adam Gardiner, Brett McKenzie and Taika Cohen.