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David Malacari12:40 AK09 Festival

Director David Malacari (left) takes us through the just released programme, tells us how the fourth festival differs from the other three, and how he judge's a festival's success.

Carl Gottlieb12:50 Carl Gottlieb

Carl Gottlieb (right) wrote one of the scariest screenplays of all time, for Jaws. He's currently in New Zealand and we chat to him about that movie and about writing scripts for the hungry but fickle Hollywood market.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

1:30 NZ Fashion

Lynn talks to Douglas Lloyd Jenkins and Lucy Hammonds, two of the people researching for a book about New Zealand's fashion designers over the decades.

Dresses on display.

1:40 Janet Dunn

Lucy Orbell meets a fashion recycler.

Pictured below: A look inside Janet Dunn's fashion gallery (below left) and Janet Dunn with her '50's styled dress made from three sleeping bags!

A look inside Janet Dunn's fashion gallery.

1:50 Cartoon Conference

Sean McKenna meets some of the world's most courageous cartoonists at a conference in Wellington.

A group of cartoonists.

2:00 The Laugh Track

1Artist, graphic designer, musician, radio and TV personality - Otis Frizzell shares his comedy picks.

2:20 Theatre review

Gilbert Wong reviews Dean Parker's theatrical adaptation of Kafka's (pictured right) novel The Trial.

2:30 Writer's Block:

Mark Sommerset and Rowan (below right) are the husband and wife partnership behind the Cork in the Ocean and now Cork and the Bottle series for children….and Lisa Marr (below left) reintroduces us to Arthur J Rees and his acting troupe of Merry Marauders, 95 years after he released his novel of the same name

Authors and cover art.

Karen Stevenson.2:50 The Frangipani is Dead

Karen Stevenson (left) explains why The Frangipani is Dead, as she studies contemporary Pacific Art in New Zealand.

Mary3:00 Lighted Windows

Mary Edmond-Paul offers new insights into novelist, poet and journalist Robin Hyde's life and work, in a book of essays she's brought together called Lighted Windows.

Pictured right: Mary Edmond-Paul with Massey colleague Dr Nicki Hessell, who contributed an essay to the collection.

3:10 Radio Drama: Windows by Lucy O'Brien