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'53 Years and I've Loved Every Minute' - Lloyd Scott

Released at 3:37 pm on 21 June 2017

Veteran broadcaster Lloyd Scott has announced that he is leaving Radio New Zealand in August after a career spanning more than 53 years. He has spent the last 13 years as one of RNZ National’s regular overnight hosts.

Scott admits that, while he is comfortable with his decision, he has mixed feelings about leaving as the reality starts to sink in.

“I’ve been in broadcasting for more than 53 years after joining the old NZBC back in 1963 as a technician. Sometimes I’m excited about the freedom I’ll have, but it’s tinged with feelings of loss as well.

"Radio is a wonderful medium and RNZ has offered me lots of opportunities over the years to be part of it. I’ve been a commercial DJ, an actor in radio drama, news reader, hosted a programme called Lloyd Scott’s Family Holiday. (In fact the only things I haven’t done are RNZ Concert and sports commentaries). I have loved every minute of it.”

RNZ National Programme Manager, David Allan acknowledged Lloyd Scott’s ability to engage with his listeners:

“No matter what the on-air role was over the years, Lloyd’s natural engaging style appealed to a full range of audiences. No tricks – no gimmicks – he was just himself on air – and he was very good at it.“

Lloyd Scott will continue to host overnight programmes on RNZ National until mid- August.