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Geoff Robinson Announces Retirement

Released at 9:04 am on 28 November 2013

Radio New Zealand National presenter, Geoff Robinson, is to retire in April next year after a broadcasting career spanning more than 40 years.

As host of New Zealand’s top rating morning news programme for more than 35 years he has become a household name, known around the country as the voice of the Morning Report. Generations of New Zealanders have woken up to hear his welcoming "kia ora tatou".

Announcing his decision on air this morning Geoff Robinson said: “It’s time for me to enjoy a sleep in and making the decision now gives Radio New Zealand time to find a replacement ”

Radio New Zealand CEO, Paul Thompson, has acknowledged Geoff Robinson’s outstanding contribution to Radio New Zealand – in particular Morning Report, and its listeners, over the past four decades.

“Geoff has been both witness and interrogator during a period of significant change in New Zealand and the world - and has calmly and intelligently helped New Zealanders understand these complex stories and issues.

“He is a broadcaster of the highest calibre and it is a remarkable achievement to have maintained such high standards of thoughtfulness, fairness and insight over such a long period.

“Geoff has given us four months’ notice and we will use that time to find the best replacement possible for New Zealand’s number one radio news programme. Radio New Zealand will ensure staff and listeners have every
opportunity to acknowledge his enormous contribution to broadcasting in this country. “

Geoff Robinson joined the old New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation in Dunedin in 1970 after emigrating from Britain in 1965. He joined the Morning Report team in 1975 when the programme was introduced, and apart from three years reading news on the then commercial network has been in the role ever since, working alongside more than 30 co-presenters during that period.

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