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New podcast: Voice of Tangaroa

Released at 9:24 am on 23 February 2024

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Photo: Krista Barnaby

What do we really know about our oceans? Ninety-three percent of New Zealand's territory is salt water. Eighty percent of our biodiversity is in our seas. And yet the ocean is mostly out of sight, out of mind – we understand little about our big blue backyard.

In an exciting collaboration between RNZ’s award-winning science and environment podcast Our Changing World* and New Zealand Geographic, Voice of Tangaroa explores the state of our oceans, in a new podcast launching on Thursday 29 February.

The podcast brings rich sound to in-depth articles written, researched and produced by science journalist Kate Evans for New Zealand Geographic about the challenges our oceans face, and the potential solutions to address them. Presented by Our Changing World’s Claire Concannon and Kate Evans, the podcast brings Evans’ articles to life in an immersive audio experience with original music composed by Wellington band Grains.

From penguins and kina to farming fish on land and debates about marine reserves, Evans dives into the complexities of how we think about, enjoy, manage, and use our oceans, and what this means for the creatures that live in it.

Co-executive producer and New Zealand Geographic publisher James Frankham says it has been an immense privilege to produce the Voice of Tangaroa series of features, giving readers a glimpse into the magical, fragile, and wild realm beneath the waves.

“As photography adds a new dimension to a story, so does audio – this podcast pulls you into that world again to experience the crackling sound of the sea and voices of those who live and work there every day. It’s riveting.”

Tim Watkin, RNZ Executive Producer for Series & Podcasts says that almost every New Zealander would say they love the sea, and Voice of Tangaroa is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the realm we understand least, and how it needs to be preserved.

“I love the fact that written and spoken word, New Zealand Geographic and RNZ, have worked so well together on this and that we get to launch Voice of Tangaroa in Sea Week, the week when New Zealand celebrates the sea. Smart journalism, great field recordings, sharp scripts and original music combine for a great audio experience.”

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Voice of Tangaroa will be released weekly from Thursday 29 February on Changing World or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Produced by RNZ Podcasts in partnership with New Zealand Geographic. Reporting on the original articles supported by the NZ On Air Public Interest Journalism Fund.

*Winner, Best Factual Podcast – Episodic, 2023 NZ Radio Awards
Silver, Best Factual Podcast, 2023 New Zealand Podcast Awards
Gold, Climate Award, 2023 New Zealand Podcast Awards
Finalist, Best Reporting – Science, Voyager Media Awards 2023