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RNZ becomes first media organisation in Aotearoa to achieve Living Wage Accreditation

Released at 3:30 pm on 14 June 2023

RNZ has become the first media organisation in Aotearoa to achieve a Living Wage accreditation.

Accreditation requires that all staff employed directly by the organisation, as well as contract workers such as cleaners employed by external providers (who are delivering a service to the business on a regular basis), are on the current living wage - or have agreements in place to reach that status. 

RNZ initiated a Sustainable Toitūtanga programme in 2020 with the objective of embedding the principles of sustainability which includes supporting a positive working environment for all kaimahi.  

Living Wage principles strengthen a sense of dignity and respect for workers. They are important for the well-being of individuals and their families, providing an income that covers basic necessities. This has the potential to not only lift people out of poverty but also reduces income inequality, fostering a more equitable distribution of wealth.  

By achieving formal accreditation RNZ has demonstrated the value we place on ensuring that all our kaimahi and contracted providers, are paid the living wage as a minimum, and have the potential to have a decent quality of life.  

“We are thrilled to join the Living Wage movement in Aotearoa New Zealand”, says Leigh Friday, Sustainability Lead.

A living wage is more than just a pay cheque; it is a testament to supporting the well-being and dignity of kaimahi. By becoming a Living Wage accredited employer, RNZ is showing their commitment towards reducing income inequality, and promoting a more equitable society.” 

Ms Friday says as well as supporting a more sustainable economy, a living wage promotes more responsible consumption which ultimately leads to a healthier environment for future generations. Something we could all aspire to support. 

From 1 September 2023, the New Zealand Living Wage rate will increase to $26 an hour, a 9.9 per cent increase on the 2022/23 rate, or $2.35.  This rate is already being applied at RNZ.