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RNZ Responds to Government Announcements of the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill

Released at 9:33 am on 9 February 2023

Wednesday 8 January 2023

The Government’s announcement today about the future of the ANZPM Bill has provided clarity around the important role RNZ plays in the public media sector, Board Chair Dr Jim Mather said.

“As New Zealand’s oldest public broadcaster and its most trusted media entity RNZ has always supported initiatives to strengthen public media here and around the world,” Dr Mather said.

“Media in New Zealand is being challenged by rapidly changing commercial models, the rise of international media giants and foreign content, the increasing cost of local content, and the spread of misinformation and disinformation.

“Those issues have not gone away, and significant challenges remain – not just for public media but for the whole New Zealand media industry.”

RNZ CEO Paul Thompson said that much of the work done by the Stronger Public Media Establishment Board would now be picked up by RNZ and the announcement of better funding would enable that to occur.

“RNZ’s mandate remains incredibly important - a fact recognised by nearly everyone involved in the debate around ANZPM,” Mr Thompson said.

“It’s also good that there’s broad political acceptance for the need to properly fund RNZ.

“RNZ provides an essential service which needs investment to address legacy infrastructure issues but also to reach more diverse audiences which aren't well served by what we do now. Our ability to collaborate with others means we are very well positioned to provide a resilient and comprehensive media service to connect and inform New Zealanders while also supporting the wider sector.

“In addition, RNZ provides vital emergency management services critical to the nation, along with connections to nations across the Pacific.

“We look forward to working together with others to ensure the broader media sector that underpins a healthy democracy flourishes.”