Media Releases

RNZ Public Media Services Update

Released at 3:59 pm on 24 March 2020

As New Zealand's Lifeline Utility radio broadcaster, RNZ is required to maintain essential public information channels and news during times of national emergency and we are committed to supporting all New Zealanders during these challenging times.   
We are also committed to looking after the health and well-being of our staff.  
RNZ will continue to provide essential information services - broadcasting and publishing critical public service announcements on-air, on our website and via social media channels as we unite to fight Covid-19.   

Comprehensive news will be available on air and via our website and digital services.   Key news programming will remain, Morning Report, Midday Report and Checkpoint along with news bulletins which will be available on the hour.  Online there will be rolling coverage of the Covid19 public health crisis as well as a regular Covid-19 podcast and newsletter.    

Audiences should expect some changes could occur to schedules across RNZ National, RNZ Concert and RNZ Pacific that will be assessed on a daily basis as RNZ takes steps to protect staff and manage its operations to meet Lifeline Utility obligations.  While some services will change, we will try new things too.   
If necessary RNZ Concert and RNZ Pacific will carry news and information from RNZ National.  Parliament will continue to be broadcast on the AM network when the House is sitting. 

As the country's public service media organisation, RNZ is committed to supporting all New Zealanders.
Kia Kaha – Stay Strong